What does our Social Networks Say About you:

Let’s play a game of memory: What is your latest Twitter entry? What was the last photo you uploaded on your Orkut account? Can you remember or do you have to go and check it really quick?

Social networking is fabulous but it is not without its set of problems and misconceptions. For example, a lot of people think that social networking platforms are a free for all. They think that they can write anything, post anything and even link to anything. While there are certain spaces that have their own culture and personalities, what should you as a corporation or a business owner do to ensure that your platforms are professional but believable?

What are the Objectives?

Many people personally tend to use the Facebook platform as a socially-connected forum to keep up with the latest events in there areas, upload photos and check out stuff. That is about 20% of what its use is. The remaining percentage is used for networking with other writing professionals on leads and talking with editors and contacts.

Not many people use the complete 140 characters available for use. People love to know what other people are doing through twitter. Follow the person to different links and information. For both platforms though, we should be careful about what we post, what we say on the post and consider who’s reading the post. We should not post details about our children, i.e., what schools they attend, their birth dates, ages, etc., nor should you post details about my married life. Who really wants to know about those things from layman like us, unlike celebrities whose every tooth and nail is analyzed threadbare. But, do all users think about the safety aspect with so much concern.

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