Month: December 2021

Trends For Digital Marketing In 2022 to prepare for

In 2022, where do you think digital marketing will be? Here are some trends we believe will have an impact in the next year. 1. Email is the most important channel. Personalization, automation, and privacy have all contributed to the primacy of email. In 2022, approaches like dynamic and interactive email content, AMP for email, and new customization strategies will become […]
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Beginner-friendly guide to learning new-age digital marketing tools

For learners of all backgrounds, digital marketing is a viable career path that offers a high pay scale, job stability, a range of professions, and interesting growth chances. Without effectively utilising the digital domain, perhaps every service or product-based firm’ marketing methods are currently inadequate. Using digital marketing methods, such as SEO, Google AdWords, email […]
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Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 – What to expect

For the last decade, the world has revolved around technology, as rapid advancements and upgrades in the sector have been at the heart of all industries’ growth and innovation. The arrival of the Covid pandemic in early 2020 has only served to increase the need for and speed up the digitization of global activities. The […]
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Growing a Restaurant Business on Social Media 

Every individual might have a different reason for loving a restaurant. For some it might be a place recommended to them by their family members or friends. A few might keep returning to the place for the beautiful ambience, good food or a welcoming staff member. There are a few who keep hunting for deals […]
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