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Twitter rolls out a new feature that “hides replies”

Starting this week, Twitter has started letting users hide replies to their tweets in order to maximize its efforts to make the platform less toxic and more friendly. The company announced its new feature will be rolling out soon globally. The California based company states, “Everyone should feel safe and comfortable while talking on Twitter. […]
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11 key trends of digital marketing industry in 2016

The year 2015 left several marks for us in the technological and digital domain such as preference towards big data by companies. Companies were massively dealing with analytics regarding sales, search activity and site interactions. Technological trends like growth of personalized advertising due to the presence of apps with a good User Interface design (UI) […]
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Monetizing social networks: Part II (3 more types)

3) Partnership Opportunities – or, limitations of partnership Social networks, especially those like Facebook and LinkedIn, have very targeted demographics. As a result, it makes sense for companies interested in these demographics to partner with them. For example, RIM Cell phones partnered with Facebook, while naukri with LinkedIn. These partnerships are quite fruitful for both […]
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Monetizing social networks:

The golden rule of sales is to understand your target market. As social networks are dynamic, the level of complexity in monetizing social networks proves to be quite high. Each network is different from the other. 5 different concepts to monetize social networks can be: 1) Ads – or, the interesting content problem The poor […]
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Social Media Measurement: (Quantitative)

If the goal is to measure traffic, sales or SEO ranking, we can take a more quantitative approach. There are some free tools that can help with this type of measurement, including: 1. AideRSS allows you to enter a feed URL and returns statistics about its posts, including which are the most popular based on how many […]
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