Do’s and dont’s for social networking for corporates:

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Basic rules of the Game:

Just like in all types of business and life, there are some basic rules to be adhered to. They can be called as etiquettes. These can be spoken and/or non-spoken, but many businesses and individuals often do not practice these rules when they are on these social sites. Not only can this be embarrassing and damaging to your online image/ perception, but could also be a deterrent in your business objectives, or any potential business and any future business dealings with other company’s and clients.

If your corporation wants to utilize and maximize the use of social networking avenues, they should carefully choose the representative who will speak on your website, your blogs and any social networking platforms where you may be. And, not only the company’s representatives, but also employees and freelancers that are associated with the company. . In other words, you have to be utmost careful of the way your corporation is portrayed on the social platforms.

Your Company’s Image/ perception:

What people do on their personal time is definitely their business, without a doubt. Where they go, who they are with and what they do is their business. But it becomes a company’s business when that individual/employee/representative affect the company’s reputation by posting inappropriate posts, uploading controversial photos/ clips or even linking to questionable or irrelevant sites. What does that say about your company?

The point of social networking for businesses is to drive traffic, make connections and gain a following for your company. Social networking is driven by the individuals who are a part of the company and speak for the company not for personal creative satisfaction and who represent the company online. Make sure that your followers are getting quality and appropriate material.

What can you do to ensure that your company is represented accurately in the social circles? This can decide whether your presence online is any value addition to your company and it achieves the objectives or goals which it has set out to achieve.

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