Social Media Best business methods:

Following are the reasons why businessman use social media i.e. do social networks marketing:
• Influence brand reputation
• Increase brand awareness
• Improve search engine rankings
• Increase website traffic
• Generate leads for increasing sales
• Improve internal communications
• Increase online sales

But of these, social media marketing initiatives are effective more at influencing brand reputation, increasing awareness and improving search rankings and site traffic.

Social media was considered less effective, but still good, for internal communications and driving online sales.

The number of companies or web sites that have been able to use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to generate any kind of online sales are quite less.

Surprisingly there are companies who do not have a Social media policy. It is not essential but becomes one if you are a company who uses all types of media to promote your product/ service. For some companies. Social media policy is not required, some think it is required but some how it isn’t getting the priority that it needs and for some it is in the process of being formulated

A lot of the time, companies will put up a corporate blog or Facebook profile and think that they are doing social media marketing. Unfortunately it isn’t. When you engage customers with you then it becomes social media marketing. And it requires fewer resources.

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