Website Audit: SEO Measurable Parameters – Part 1

Converting a lead is never an easy job for the sales person in any industry with no 100% guaranteed results and even if you guarantee people will come up with a link saying that “No one can guarantee results” how come you? But still the industry is getting more and more clients with great potential. If you are thinking of an industry that would best match with above phrases, yes you are right it is SEO industry.

The first process that most of the SEOs would do is carry out a simple audit in the website to understand its indexing status, link popularity, traffic stats, rank etc.
Once the above process is completed an in-depth analysis will be carried out in the website. This is a list of suggestions to make the website search engine friendly.

Website Design: An effective SEO audit would start with analyzing the website design to find whether the design is search engine friendly i.e.: all the links, content, images etc are search engine crawlable.

URL Structure: The process starts from identifying the canonicalisation in the website. Then this would lead to the URL structure analysis to find whether the website URL is search engine friendly. If this is not the case, we need to make sure that we optimize the URL structure targeting the keywords.

Niche Specific: The advanced audit process includes analyzing the products displayed in an ecommerce website. This includes competitive analysis in pricing, products, coupons and more. This tends to vary based on the website niche and target. A detailed product audit includes the analysis on the navigation path, images, content, pricing, reviews etc. In case of a travel website this would vary to analysis over a booking process etc. These suggestions are vital which play a major role in the website conversion.

The above details are some of the examples how an SEO based website audit will be carried out. This is mainly focused to ensure,
• Search Engine Friendliness
• Conversion Rate Improvement

These points will go a long way in ensuring that the SEO campaign is successful.

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