SEO Measurable parameters part 2:

Let us have a look at the keyword research and analysis phase, the performance parameters of the keyword w.r.t the website traffic.

Once you have finalized your SEO service provider, you need to understand your requirement including the target audience for your website, objective etc. Based on this there will be an in-depth audit that will take place in your website for which the measurable parameters is discussed in the earlier part but implementing the suggestions put-forth by the provider depends on the package/agreement that you have with the service provider. The next phase in the process is the keyword research and analysis and their measurable parameters:

Keyword Research and Analysis: The success of a SEO process depends on the keywords targeted for the website which is the single most important process in driving the right audience to the website through SEO. During this process the provider will first finalize on the pages to be targeted after which they would work on the possible combination of the keyword phrases that can be targeted for the pages. Once it has been finalized, it will be sent for your review and make sure you analyze the keywords suggested using the below tools,

Google Keyword Tool – Make sure you insert the list of keywords provided to find its,
• Local Search Volume
• Global Monthly Search Volume
• Search Volume Trends
• Highest Volume Occurred (month)

These details will give you an idea about the keyword and its effectiveness. In addition to the above details, the tool would suggest various other alternate keywords which might also be considered.

Google Insights: With this tool you can find the search volume patter across specific regions, categories, time frame and properties. You have options to filter based on the search engine, year, location and category.

The above tools will give you some info about the list of keywords targeted in the process however in addition to the above the SEO provider will be using various other tools and would do an in-depth analysis on the keywords used by your competitors. It is always a good practice to coordinate with the SEO provider and do a complete round of review on the keywords until you are satisfied but make sure that you don’t command them instead listen to what they say and decide.

The most important factor here is prior to the process ensuring that you provide your complete requirement with all detailed information.

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