Strategy initiation for social network:

If we’re going to put a social media strategy into place, we need to align the path we are going to take, and develop it with an understanding of how to reach our goals. Where are we going? How are we going to get there? How do we know we’ve arrived? Let us start in on the “how.”

Listening: Implement at least an elementary listening platform. Understanding can be bettered by listening to the talk of the customer from where we can derive the actual need or the want. This is the most difficult part since people have to be coaxed into talking about the grievances.

Communications: build a starting place to hold your conversations i.e. a Blog or a forum. This gives free avenues for customers to talk about the product or service.

Methods: Determine the mix of content you intend to create, and build workflow around it. Whether it is a youngsters product or a middle aged persons product or a old mans product. The chances for a product sales increasing if it’s a young persons product is high since majority if youngsters use social networks. Also if it is a need or a want or a luxury.

Community: Most social media strategies have to address community and how you will embrace the people you seek to gather around your business. community building is essential since it increases the chances of product centric talk which can spread with each passing day.

Neighbours: Develop a plan to reach out to others in your community. Increasing your fan and loyalist base is critical for success.

Outposts: Develop social network outposts where you can communicate with other communities

Marketplace: If your strategy involves making money, build a marketplace external to your community. Keep these separate. Building awareness and selling through brick-and-mortar store is one thing and actually selling through internet is a different story altogether.

Attention: Learn how to build awareness and encourage relationships with the media you’re making.

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