Starting a Social Media Strategy:

Begin with the final output in Mind

Strategy isn’t the goal. The process is essential. The objective though has to be though of. Else it becomes like walking down an unknown path exploring options. This isn’t bad but then it is better with objectives. Then think about building a strategy to reach them. Following can be the objectives. They are just listed. They are not comprehensive.
1. Increase customer base.
2. Generate leads.
3. Drive sales.
4. Build awareness.
5. Make money from your content.
6. Establish thought leadership.
7. Educate customers.
8. Customer-source part of your product development.
9. Reach new channels of customers.
10. Improve internal communication.

Questions before the Strategy

1. Are your customers likely to be online? Note that lots of people are online these days, but it might be that you have a product or service that isn’t as frequently purchased via the web.
2. Are you ready to handle negativity? Platforms like blogs and videos allow for negative comments, and some company cultures aren’t ready to engage with those opinions.
3. How will you incorporate this into people’s daily jobs?
4. How will you measure results?
5. How long are you willing to give it a try?
6. What’s your willingness to experiment, take risks, and adjust your plans?

These answers might show you the direction for your future course of action of building a strategy using social media tools. It’s a lot easier to turn a deaf ear towards customers and just blast your messages out with no regard to how they are received.

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