Twitter at rescue for micro-bloggers:

Twitter has suddenly become a rage in the social networking world. Starting a blog is easy but putting up a post on it seems difficult. Even more difficult to make sure that people read it and for that it has to be interesting. If you are not a celebrity, it is remotely possible that your every day would be eventful. Then what could you write on your blog. Micro-blogging comes to your rescue. Twitter has helped people in that.

Thus what is that that people use twitter for:

1. Keeping I touch with friends
2. Updating your status message
3. Find news
4. for search
5. for fun

Twitter has helped people be aware of what is happening with the lives of their friends and business colleagues. Celebrities are using it as a PR exercise to make people understand what a celebrity’s life is like.

Twitter is indeed Value-Adding, but not ultimately disruptive

Twitter is similar to the user “Status” features on Facebook. Many features and notifications on Facebook are able to be extended to mobile devices. Even though Status isn’t among that group, it could be. If Facebook were to extend Status to mobile devices it would duplicate the functionality of Twitter within the context of a more robust social networking platform and give it an instant user group of 18 million people.

I bring up Facebook because Twitter faces a wall in the adoption curve between early adopters and the early majority. The appeal of Twitter isn’t disruptive enough to convince mainstream technology users to adopt it. It is limited to the demographic of tech enthusiasts who already use Web 2.0 tools and services.

Twitter’s biggest contribution to the development of social technology will not be its widespread adoption, but rather its demonstration of the value and nuances of persistent presence. The lessons learned from a case study of Twitter can be applied, implemented, observed in other social platforms already in widespread use like Facebook; Myspace etc

The principles of Twitter will surely be absorbed by other platforms.

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