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Over the years, the social media networks have advanced from being an entertainment and connecting with friend’s network to an important platform for business. Whether you have a small business or a large one, it is essential to have a social media presence of your brand. This helps in bringing more traffic to the official website and promotes your brand all over the world. Social media is reached by people from every part of the world and presently, one-third of the world’s population is using the social media networks on daily basis. The most commonly used network is the Facebook followed by others like Snap Chat, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc. The social media marketing companies in Dubai exquisitely talk about how the social networks help in escalating a business and make it successful in the online and offline world. Thus, don’t you think making sure it is handled well is very important?

Here are the top 5 suggestions that you should incorporate in your latest social media marketing strategies:

  1. Promoting e-commerce through the social media reach

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The best results are obtained when you use a platform to the fullest. The hidden potential of the social media network was recently unleashed when it was claimed that the social media marketing can increase the leads and sales. Little did the business owner know that it could vastly enhance the e-commerce business as well! The website design company owner witnesses the increase in his online business once he promoted it on the social media. Thus, it is safe to say that the social media marketing strategies now aim to enhance the productivity of the e-commerce business of the business brands as well. It is one of the main targets for the year 2017 and ahead.

  1. Live videos attracting users like never before

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Next, in line stands the idea of posting live videos on the social media networks. This has been in the market for a long time and is now reaching great popularity. The success of YouTube and the fact that 100 million hours of videos are watched by the Facebook users is mind-blowing. The types of videos viral on the social media networks include:

  • Short influencer interview video
  • Behind the scene video
  • Story behind the success short video
  • Product promotion and features display video and so on


  1. Making brand eminent though messaging apps

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The messaging apps like messenger, Whatsapp and WeChat are now a huge part of the social media marketing strategy. 4 billion users use messaging apps worldwide which makes it a good platform to promote the business products and services. Through these apps, the customers are answered promptly and they do not have to wait for their calls to be answered on the phone. This way is more scalable and cost-effective for the businesses and this is why it is always included in the social media marketing strategies. Regarding these apps, the social media strategist Isabelle Matthieu says “These apps have a wide audience and offer several attractive features to brands for e-commerce and client support, for example, which allows for economies of scale and the creation of new types of user experience.”

  1. Use of employees as the marketing force

“A company’s social media must be ‘cool’ enough for the employees to want to share it on personal platforms,” says Jake Messier, principal & COO of Mungo Creative Group. What does this indicate? If an employee is sharing the product content on their own personal profile as well, what does that portray? In the eye of the common man, highly preferred and trustworthy brand is all they want. When the employees of the company share the same promotional content witnessing the best quality of the product on their social network profile, it influences their relatives and friends to think likewise. It also increases the exposure of the content and drives traffic to the business and this is why the employee referral is often a part of the good social media marketing strategies.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality making its entrance

Since the success of Pokemon Go, new changes in the social media marketing style were expected in the year 2017 and those coming ahead. The increased use of chatbots supports the idea of artificial intelligence and thus calls for more applications revolving around the idea of AR and VR. This being a part of the social media marketing strategy will greatly improve the business profit and end results.

Here are the top 5 social marketing strategies for the marketing team to invest in. The digital marketing is a marketer’s friend but a large field to take care of. The social media marketing is a part of it requires proper planning and working on the strategy to come up with the best results.

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