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Digital marketing has made a major breakthrough in the era of technology. Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important competitive digital marketing advantage that you can have over your competition.  In the world of digitalization, you cannot simply just get online, share your content, and simply be recognized by your targeted audience. It is rather hard to get where you want to.

The digital marketers or anyone who works on or around the internet are dwelling in the world where they know that the importance of SEO cannot be questioned. Marketers work hard and worry only about rankings. Nowadays, people are jumping into the online world with only the purpose of brand management and earning money. They are familiar with the term of Search Engine Optimization, somewhat. Search engine optimization is the heart of digital marketing and some people are not even familiar with technicalities and functionality of SEO.

Some people may not be familiar with technicalities and functionality of SEO, this is where the branding agency Dubai comes in and helps, guides people, and makes them understand that SEO can double their rankings in no time, guides people, and makes them understand that SEO is indeed an essential part of digital marketing. I have compiled 6 up-to-date and result driven SEO tips for you that will help you to be #1 on Google and leave you mesmerized by the results. Here goes:

  1. Think outside the box

For your website ratings to thrive, you need to have amazing, out of the box content on it that would attract an audience and make them get addicted to your style of writing, that they would want more and would not be able to get enough of your website. Your content should be authentic, useful, original, and specific as it is the new compelling content. This is what we have been hearing since forever and that good quality content is necessary for any website to prosper but in 2017 that isn’t the only thing that will help you.

Now, the only way to reliably build links is to make their content stand out enough to earn links because the attractive your content is, the more the people will read it and rank it. The thing is if you don’t have the tools to create content that is extraordinary then small improvements to the format should be made. Remember, you need to think outside of the box. You should also keep updating your website as Google loves fresh content and will give you a boost when you are loaded with new content and data.

  1. Use Refined key-words

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In 2017, while all the focus is mainly on creating out of the box content that will stand out from the rest. Keyword research is still extremely important to keep in mind. The most important thing is to keep adding popular and relevant keywords. It is a part of SEO, but the thing is most people go overboard with keywords.

You will need to think beyond the commercial keywords.  In order for search engines to understand what your website is about, they need keywords and key-phrases to determine if it is a high-quality content and if people would want to really read it or not. You also need to make your smart content marketing stand out from the ever-growing competitive crowd. It will not work if you are including multiple keywords into the content, the thing is, and it will start to look mechanical and fake. Also, if you are adding a lot of similar keywords in your content, then it reduces the value of your main keyword. They will not get as many search hits as refined keywords. This way you’ll get more traffic than you realize as there are tons of keywords you’ll get ranked for.

  1. Focus On-site SEO

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It is well-known and understood that an important factor by 2017 is that everyone should have their websites fully optimized and mobile-friendly. Smartphones rule our lives; they are easier to use and in our hands 24/7. So, it is no surprise Google looks at how sites display on mobile as well as the info they provide. Google has already made it crystal clear that how much mobile friendliness now adds to your site’s SEO score and if your site is not mobile-friendly or else Google will penalize you.

You need links on your site to get a targeted audience, not just any links but relevant and topical links. You are in a way helping the reader when you link your content to another website but if you add a link to a website that shut down after a while. It’s no surprise that backlinks are a key to get good rankings. 2017 is bound to get competitive but these tips will definitely bump your SEO rankings up really quick as more and more people get the wind of it.

  1. Do Marketing like a pro

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You need to do marketing for your website like a pro. Content marketing is a new phenomenon but it exploded in 2016 and is even more famous in 2017. Smart content marketing is a real thing and can benefit you a lot if it’s done right, it will bear fruit only if one knows how to use it effectively. It will grow your audience and help to build authority in your niche. Though, when it’s done incorrectly and without a strategy, it can be completely ineffective.

Firstly, your content should always be to the point and have a purpose, if it is an arrow thrown blindly in the field; it is not likely that it will hit its target. The next step is that your content should be engaging and attractive to the readers.

Remember that UX is an extremely important ranking factor. It is important to remember that links to and from quality websites will serve you far better in the SEO rankings than lots of links from websites that are not authentic, in the SEO rankings. The average time people spend on your content should be better, only then will your rating soar. To be successful with smart marketing, you need a smart marketing strategy and a fruitful plan for how it can support your goals. When you market like a pro, your SEO rankings will surely hit the roof.

  1. Increase Digital exposure

Your website will get more costumers only and only if it is reaching a lot of people, in the first place. To ensure that your website is seen and is spreading like wildfire in a forest, you need to get on the high horses of social media and feel its power and see that it will do wonders for your site. We live in the world of digitalization, where almost every human being has access to social media sites. So, if they see your website is flashing on their screens and they click on it. Viola, your rankings are increasing. The more people click on your sites’ link, the more rankings you will have.

You should have accounts on every possible social media platform so people can easily reach your website. Advertising your website on social platforms to make sure more and more people see it is a great idea in 2017. In return, it helps your SEO rankings. Dare to leverage the power, which is social media and watch your rankings soar.

  1. Utilize analytical tools

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You need to keep checking the progress of your website as it is really a good idea to check how your website is performing and how users are using it. The thing is your users have to be able to access your site and their experience should be pleasant. I understand the fact that it was a pain to keep track of the progress of your website and reactions of your users but now with the analytic and Google webmaster tools it is very easy.

The common mistake from the beginning of SEO till 2017 is that some marketers simply refuse to use the tools that are available to them, thinking their website will stand out of its own accord. It all comes down to how your users are reacting to your site and by checking the progress and fall of your site; you can change things or mix them up as per the likes of your consumers as the User Experience is the butter for the bread that is SEO. Using the analytic tool gives you an insight of your data, monitors the keywords and helps you come up with a plan that ensures good ranking in the search engine.

Once you have mastered the art of thinking outside the box, ranking high for your target keywords, it will not only put you in the spotlight but also it can help you rank anything past the first page on Google. By using these up-to-date and result driven tips, your website will get more and more traffic and your rankings will get higher and higher.

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