These are the 10 things i would do inorder to manange a fanpage …

1) Firstly would be attracting fans mainly because the more the better it is to interact

2) After getting the fans which will build up subsequently i will focus on the content of the fanpage

3) The content of the fanpage should be such that people should feel like commenting on it ,

For eg : which were the first 3 songs did you listen on your i pod this morning etc etc…

4) The I would try to feed in the posts regarding the client which i am handling in a very interactive way and ask for suggestions…

5) Monitoring the fanpage inorder to avoid any spamming

6) Initiate a Contest which would try and get me as many interactions as possible.

7) Ask people for suggestions as how can i improve my fanpage .

8) Feeding at least 4updates in a day on the fanpage which would include photos, events maybe some good Quotes and which would keep my fanapage updated ..

9) And would definitely try to understand which kind of content is working on the fanpage and which not .

10) I would try to feed exclusive content which wont be available anywhere on the net

– authored by Divya Shetty, Social Media Catalyst, Avignyata Inc.

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