Why Social Media Presence Is Essential for Online Companies? – Guest Post

Questioning on the importance of social media presence is equivalent to questioning on the relevance of having a marketing strategy for a growing business. The need for social media presence is inevitable if you want to develop your business. While internet has shrunk the world, it has increased the competition to your business. You are not fighting anymore with your neighborhood businesses; you are in the ring fighting big global names. Hence, it is essential that you have a strong social media presence so that you stay connected. Let us see why social media presence plays a dominant role to enhance your business.

Be Identified

It is no use if you are in business and people do not know what you are dealing with. It is not a 007 type of work that demands you work without others being aware of it. If you intend to stay in business, you need to create product awareness and the best way to do is to have a strong social media presence. Let people become familiar with your name so that they identify your product when they see it and as you go stronger, they will be able to recall your product when they look to purchase.

Be the Talk of the Town

To succeed in business, you need to be talked about. Your products and services should be discussed and which could be a better platform than social media? If you are offering lucrative deals, special discounts or coupon codes then you can spread the word like fire through social media platform to bank sales. Companies like Jabong is already ahead on this road by offering Jabong discount coupons and special discounts to its followers in Facebook, Twitter etc.


Building a strong client base in social media will let others hear about your products. Your happy customers will be too willing to give out information on their pride possession for a discounted rate. As the talks do the rounds, you could comfortably sit back and reap the benefits.


Social Media’s Google Role


Reviews play a decisive role when a person looks to purchase a product or service. While Google plays a major role in helping prospective clients read reviews about various products and services, social media is gearing up with its contribution. A person, who is a Facebook member or Twitter member, tries to find out what his social circle has to say about his decision to purchase a particular brand. Search engines do bring these reviews in social media to the fore but still being in a position to directly get information from friends through social media is highly appealing. People rely on the feedback from their social circle and hence having a strong influence in the social media will brighten up your business interests.


Keep Your Ears Open


Being present in social media opens various doors to interact with prospective clients and existing clients. People become more interested and involved if they could get to speak to a person who represents the company. Being in social media, helps to keep your ears open for your clients and this also gives you the opportunity to make a better representation.


Build Your Business with Trust


By gaining the trust of the people, you could build a business empire. While you interact with customers through social media platform, you gain a rapport with them and they begin to trust you. Trust leads to sales and sales leads to more sales.


Traffic Makes Your Day


While traffic on road could ruin your day, being in online business, you are sure to know that online traffic makes your day. The best way to increase traffic to your site is to link your website and/or blog to your social media page. Let your website and blog be content rich with great images. You cannot help but notice the increase in traffic to your website from your social media presence. In online business, the simple rule is more traffic = more sales.


You have ventured into business and it is essential that you stay to survive and succeed. And no one likes to just about survive. Business is all about success in capital letters. It is not enough if you have a great product and you have the ability to provide quality service. You need to let people know what you have to offer. To achieve this you have to follow a simple step and that is to have an active social media presence.


Author Bio:

Hemant, who is addicted to Facebook, loves to hang around with friends on social media platform. He believes that social media has changed the way we communicate & think. He is working at CouponLava.com.

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