The Social Media changes you need to make in the Covid-19 world

Even if Coronavirus has altered nearly everything, you still need to interact with your customers, prospects, partners, and teammates. And now, more than ever, social media may be the most effective method to accomplish this.

However, you can’t just stick to your normal social media strategy, content, or routine. What works in each case is different. People have various desires. You could consider making these improvements to your social media to maintain – or even boost – your social media success during the pandemic.

1. Make a change in your bio
If your business has been significantly impacted, your social media bios should show this. Pinned posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Highlights on Instagram, are fantastic places to keep critical information for your followers front and centre.

2. Listen to your audience 2x times than before
During these challenging times, any digital channel you have is a possible customer care channel. Simply said, you must broaden your efforts to reach, connect, and interact with your clients.

3. Rethink your Social Media approach
It’s not the time to send out posts since they are “due” according to the social media schedule. This doesn’t prevent you from being playful or even entertaining. It does, however, you should think about WHY you’re sharing what you’re sharing on social media. These times are challenging and sensitive.
4. Your visuals should communicate your message thoroughly
A lot of our views, realities and perceptions have changed because of social distancing and viewing everything through an 8-inch lens. It’s natural to depend on your brand’s image for social media, but you might unintentionally convey a message that’s not entirely acceptable. People can be overly critical and demanding right now.

In some aspects, managing social media in your company or organisation may be more difficult than ever. However, this is what is needed right now.  Keep engaging, encouraging, entertaining, and assisting your audiences. All the best!

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