The must-have apps for every working woman in 2020

Woman today are leading in all walks of life. They are holding top positions be it sports, politics, banking, or a regular 9 to 5 job. If there’s a Mithali Raj making us proud in the cricket field, Indra Nooyi is inspiring women across the nation by becoming the most powerful CEO in the business world. They are not only making their presence felt with their hard work and dedication but also showcasing their leadership skills. However, a woman’s journey is never an easy ride and is full of ups and downs.

Every working woman is an inspiration. And since they don’t get any personal assistance, they have to turn to their next best friend “the smartphone” to keep theirs as well as their loved ones lives organized. These apps will transform into their sidekicks in dire situations. From getting grocery shopping to grooming, these apps will be of help and make their lives easy.

myPill: Do you struggle to stay on track with your birth control pill, ring, or patch? myPill is for you. The app helps ensure you’re as protected as possible by reminding you when you need to take the pill or replace other forms of contraception, updating you on when you need to schedule a checkup with your doctor, tracking symptoms, and prediction when you will be on your period.

Available for iOS and Android

Uber/ Ola/ Meru: Cab booking apps are an absolute must for working woman. It offers them a way to get home that feels safer and more reliable than the other traditional methods of transportation. No more waiting across the street for a cab to get home. With Uber/ Ola installed on your phone, you can get manage your transportation within few clicks.

Available for iOS and Android

Netflix/ Amazon Prime/ Hotstar: The OTT platforms have become a mode of entertainment for the millennials. Entertainment no longer means going out on treks, watching movies with your family on the big screen. Instead, it is been categorized into a new phenomenon “binge-watching”. The millennials have been the largest consumers of the content provided by these OTT platforms. And the OTT platforms have also been creating content that resonates to the specific gender. When you; re bored at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon or you’re travelling to a distant relative’s house, OTT platforms can come to your rescue. 

Available for iOS and Android

Google Photos: Everyone knows about the love of a woman for selfies, isn’t it? If you’re constantly running out of space on your phone (coz you’re always clicking those selfies), Google Photos will change your life. It provides unlimited storage of photos and video so you can free up space on your phone. With quite literally the click of a button, Google Photos will upload photos from your device, save them safely on Google Photos, and then remove any duplicate versions on your phone. It’s essential for anyone whose phone doubles as their most-used camera (which is everyone).

Available for iOS and Android

Noonlight- Feel Protected 24/7: For obvious reasons, many women worry about walking home alone. Apps like Noonlight makes their journey significantly less scary, literally with the press of the button. All they need to do is open the app and put their finger on the safe button. When you release your finger, you’ll be prompted to input your pin to let the app know you’re safe. If you’re in danger, just release the button and don’t enter your pin. The app will notify local police of your location and someone will be on their way to help. It’s like a digital version of pepper spray or a quicker way to call for help.

Available only on iOS

Apart from these, which are the essential apps in your smartphones, ladies? Which apps add to your productivity and/or help you manage information? Which ones make your life easier?  Share your answers in the comment section.


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