Social Media Influencers and their Evolution

Socia Media Influencer: Jennie

Every brand requires a means to reach out to larger audience. Creating brand awareness is not just a onetime phase. It is a continuous effort to evolve and build a permanent subconscious seat in the minds of their target audience. One of the time-tested methods is the use of an influencer.

An influencer is typically a popular personality with a high reputation. The influencer endorses a brand or product by way of word of mouth, articles, social media and promotional campaigns. The influencer then becomes associated with the brand’s identity and helps in increasing its trustworthiness. Just as brands grow, it is important for the influencer to evolve along with the brand. A social media influencer is a person who is portrayed to be an expert at influencing audiences via social media. There are spcialized professional who take care of influencer marketing in an organization.

Top ways and means a social media influencer needs to evolve

Audience engagement

Engaging your audience is at the heart of being a social media influencer. In order for an influencer to engage their audience, they need to reach as many people as possible. This can be done by portraying oneself as an authority figure in the industry. Additionally, the articles you share and the content you write has to be absolutely relevant. Relevance may not always get you the largest audience, but it will get you the right ones.

Target the right audience using the right channels

It is important for an influencer to represent the right target audience. In order to do this, the influencer has to be a person that the target audience can relate to. It is vital for the influencer to target the right media channels. Some influencers use a single social media channel, while some prefer using multiple. A social media channel should be selected based on its user relevance.

Do your research

Research is the most important part of being a social media influencer and an industry expert. Research will take influencers a long way and gives them direction. It helps them understand the market’s latest trends and their competitors. Engaging with other influencers and getting to know about trending topics will help them find out who their influences are. Understanding, learning and researching about new topics will help influencers go the distance.

Monitor your engagement

Influencing is important. However, it is just a means to the end. Monitoring your work and the work of other influencers is required for a broader perspective. Monitoring work is as important as working itself. It provides relevant data about audience engagement and the value of their work as an influencer. It is important to know whether the methodology used is relevant and is actually making a difference to the brand, audiences and the industry.

Set keyword alerts

Subscription to social media alerts on a defined topic gives influencers relevant feed and the latest news updates on a given subject. Relevant information can be used in upcoming blogs and social media posts. It adds value to the reputation of an influencer and furthers their reliability and value. It shows readers that the influencer knows his/her subject matter thoroughly and is constantly updated. People tend to believe influencers who have created a reputation by becoming subject matter experts.

Mingle with other influencers

Influencers need to constantly to be in the thick of the action. In order to do this, they have to be present on not only on social media but also physically. Attending select events and mingling with the right crowd will improve an influencer’s social connections and networking. Aside from meeting other industry experts, influencers get to connect with the right audience. Attending events is a great way to invest time.

Social media essentials for influencers

Some of the important things that good influencers do are:

  • Searching social media, finding the right bloggers and rewarding them for writing relevant blogs about your brand.
  • Sharing relevant blog content with bloggers and sharing them on social media.
  • Sharing relevant social media content of other bloggers.
  • Targeting and retargeting audiences through social media advertising.
  • Creating reward programs.
  • Creating mobile or email subscriptions.
  • Creating a subscription based e-newsletter and RSS feed.
  • Inviting targeted audiences to exclusive video content.
  • Rewarding audiences for sharing video content.
  • Sending out brand loyalty awareness e-mails.
  • Creating discussion forums and promotion boards.
  • Creating social media promotional contests.
  • Creating exclusive weekly content that can be downloaded by subscribers.
  • Hosting exclusive webinars and sponsoring online events.
  • Targeting specific online communities with the right content, shares and incentive rewards.
  • Adding links and backlinks to your website and relevant blog articles in every article that is published.
  • Contributing content to social media and making sure that it reaches target audiences.
  • Getting in touch with other influencers, sharing their content while getting them to share one’s own content.
  • Writing reviews, articles and blogs for one’s own brand.
  • Getting other influencers to comment on one’s blogs and articles.

In order to influence social media in a big way, it is important for influencers to find their marketing niche. This can be done by focusing on one relevant social media channel. The good use of a single social media platform has also proven to be very effective. Choose your social media platforms wisely.

Evolution is a theory that makes its way into the daily functioning of our lives. For an influencer to be relevant, they got to roll with the changes. Simply put, the strongest influencers survive.


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