How to use Social Networking Site for Advertising Products/ Services:

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Create your account– Creating a profile is not very hard task and can be easily done. However, you may need to keep all your profiles updated on a regular basis.
Expand your network– Almost every networking site provides you option to search friends who share same interests as you. So always search and invite members who share the same interest as you or those who needs your product or services.

Try to be more socialize-Always participate in online discussion forum that maybe directly or indirectly related to your site. This simple practice can sometimes be more fruitful to build connection with your prospective clients and pitch in your products.

Be more persistent- Social marketing advertising work best when you are persistent. Keep in contact with your “friends” with comments and messages.
Show your expertise- You may also write an article or blog about your product and post it to bulletins. This simple act can let your friends or members who belong to same community know how your products or services can address their needs.

Create your product or service video- This is perhaps one of the emerging ways that seems to be rising in popularity by advertising in the form of a video. You as an individual can create videos and can even share on different social networking website.

Paid Advertisement– Just in case, if you are willing to shell out some money, make the best use of paid advertisement to these social networking sites. It will surely be an extra advantage.

When you utilize social media sites, you may soon appreciate the advantages of it. It doesn’t matter, how you choose to go about social networking advertising, whether you create your own profile for free or buy advertising space, you can rest assured that your sales and business network will receive a vast increase

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