How to run LinkedIn Ads perfectly for your campaign?

LinkedIn is a professional business networking platform. Working professionals, employees can use the platform to connect better with like-minded people working in the same field. Just like we do promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; LinkedIn can be an excellent platform for advertising.

LinkedIn Ads are the newest way of reaching corporations. The various features in LinkedIn Ads include Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, Dynamic Ads, etc. help you to establish recognition in the market. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager will help to handle your ads.

Planning perfectly and going forward strategically will help you make the most out of LinkedIn.

Tips to run effective LinkedIn Ad campaign:

  1. Visual is the new headline: Ensure every ad you run has attractive visuals. The right image could nearly double our CTR.
  2. Bid above the suggested range: For a higher CTR and conversion rate, bidding 10% above the range can be effective.
  3. Try video ads to generate organic traction: Videos are interactive as well as compelling ads to keep the viewers hooked. Show the important details in the first 10 seconds. Design an ad so effective that even when the sound is turned off as a majority will watch with the volume down. You can also add subtitles to your video. Note: Use videos under 30 seconds for brand recognition.
  4. Bid within the suggested range for an improved ROI: A 33% higher ROI is witnessed when the bidding is within the suggested range.
  5. Try everything: Run multiple variations of headlines, creative, calls to action, visuals. Then monitor and continually optimize performance. Keep the headline text under 150 characters to grab the attention of the visitor. Use larger images (1200×627 pixels) instead of thumbnails. Use targeting to reach a more specific audience. Choose a location and two other demographics that are the most likely to be affected by your ads.

Now’s the time to try your hand at LinkedIn Ads.

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