Following are the issues which will make for good ethics:

SEO Ethics

Ethics form the cornerstone of all organisations, be it for-profit or non-profit organisations. Unfortunately it isn’t the case in many Indian corporates. Ethical companies though can make a difference when they want to do business with foreign multinationals. Many online Gurus acknowledge that its existence is interlinked with the popularity and success of a search engine. That is why they want that online companies to always make sure that it do not commit any mistake that can adversely affect the popularity of a website in search engine. It will also try to protect the best interest of its clients.
Never intentionally take any steps or involve in any practice that can harm the best interests of the clients. Also make sure that the client site will never get banned from search engine due to any of our actions

Never violate rules of search engines. Promise to stay up-to-date with changing rules and regulations of the search engine and will follow the updated guidelines

Any visitor using the search engine to visit a site will not be misled by the information shown upon arrival at the site

Copyright, trademark, and content legal restrictions will be strictly adhered to.  All laws pertaining to plagiarism

No concoction of any documents or falsifying data and our working force and their abilities

No partiality towards any particular client but will try to provide all of them same help regarding SEO and Internet marketing

We will try our best to give specific ratings to our clients but we cannot guarantee specific rankings as only the search engines can control rankings. We will not work towards changing or influencing the search engines in any way but use technology, competition, and the needs of the client for better results

Confidentiality of the client information will always remain protected so that they do not become vulnerable

We do not show different content to visitors and search engine crawlers. We believe in following normal results.

We will use technology but not use any kind of software in order to create pages that have almost no or very little value

We will never add pages to the website without prior approval from the client

We will keep on referring to these codes of ethics constantly and try to revise them to serve our clients and the industry in a better way

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