All about World Computer Literacy Day

These days computers are almost used everywhere! Be it playing games, shopping, storing data, putting up a balance sheet, or drawing. Life without computers just seems incomplete! Celebrated on the 2nd of December, World Computer Literacy Day aims to create awareness and drive digital literacy in underserved communities worldwide. This year’s theme is, ‘Literacy for human-centered recovery: Narrowing the digital divide’. The day is significant as it is intended to encourage the development of technological skills, particularly amongst women and children across the country.

Imagine if there was no machine to record bank data, or the airports had no computers in short a world without storage data! In recent times, computers have become a lifeline and are difficult to exist without one. Computers have gained so much popularity because they are accurate, fast and can multi-task in no time.  This day is also celebrated to help create awareness among the marginalized communities. They are at a huge loss due to their ignorance of the digital world and therefore it is necessary that they know the importance of learning about computers. As a result, their talents can be tapped into the right channels of computer studies.

Many cultural events are organized revolving around this theme. History has been witness to the computer when it was discovered by Charles Babbage. Since then we have seen different modifications and upgraded features of computers that you now have the world literally on your fingertips. From desktops to laptops to tablets – the world of computers is ever evolving!

The first celebration happened in 2001 when NIIT (National Indian Institute of Technology) decided to mark its 20th anniversary and also celebrate Computer Literacy Day. The institute is a skills and talent development company. This company founded World Computer Literacy Day in response to a study that indicated that men comprised the majority of computer users, especially in developing countries.

So NIIT took up the cause to educate more women and children by providing them with adequate computer literacy skills. The day also highlights the importance of computer literacy needed especially in this fast transforming world. Ever since the day was established, it has been observed that a change has taken place throughout the world. Today there are more female users who have been doing well in their respective fields. Unfortunately, not everyone has been lucky enough to learn about computers. Some sections of the society are still in the dark and are not computer literate.

However, being computer literate is different from digital literacy. Computer literacy guides the user as to how to operate a computer and how to operate the same. Though technology is on the rise, and we get to see new gadgets every other day, a vast population across the world still needs to gain literacy when it comes to computers to make them independent so they stand a better chance of acquiring a job for themselves.

This day also highlights the fact that computer literacy has become a necessity in today’s day and age and is necessary to the development of any individual in today’s world. You can always do your bit on this day by teaching your elders how to use a computer or to those in need for the same. Or if you have that old unused computer of yours lying around but in working condition, you can always pass it on to someone in need of it. Wishing everyone a Happy Computer Literacy Day!