Instagram Business VS Creator Account – Which is right for you?

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Will the Real Creator Please Stand Up!

Are you a social media butterfly and keep posting your reels, stories and other creative posts? But that still leaves you confused on whether to call your account an Instagram business or a creator account?

If you are new to Instagram, different types of accounts may seem confusing at first. It’s like a buffet table is kept yet you don’t know what to eat and what will suit you. Initially, Instagram was popular due to the selfie trend. Today, it has become a powerful marketing tool that if you have started a small-scale business, being active on the ‘gram’ is a must. And why shouldn’t you be? Instagram has paved way to different ways of creating content, be it recording those reels, to following a trend, everybody just wants to be there! It has also become a way to earn extra money. Everybody wants to be a part of this party!

But let’s break it down to the basics. What sort of account should you be creating exactly so your kind of work is streamlined. So should you go for an Instagram business account or a creator account?

Business account

Instagram makes it a point to ask if you wish to create a professional account and is meant to help businesses connect to their potential customers. According to Instagram data, about 90% of users follow their favorite brands. When you are a start-up the first question anybody will ask you is that – ‘What is your Instagram account?’ ‘Can I see more designs?’

This account will also make or break a customer. Gone are the days when products got sold due to the word-of-mouth approach. Off late, customers leave reviews on that particular Instagram account where they have shopped. This helps in increasing your customer base. Not to forget, you also have to don the role of a perfect creator to ensure you showcase your products through reels and stories on Instagram.

Creator account

Have innovative ideas and love to create content? Do you think out of the box? Then this account is specifically for content public figures, artists and influencers. The creator’s account is used to increase and attract the audience. They also collaborate with several brands to increase awareness or to promote a particular campaign. And as the name suggests, creator accounts have more creative content when it comes to making reels, giving them access to more music.

Other Benefits

If you own a creator account, you will get a chance to see who has followed or hit the unfollow button on daily basis. If you have a business account, weekly insights are shown to you giving you an insight into your followers. This will help you keep a check on what your followers like and if people have unfollowed you, helps you to know what changes to make to increase your followers consistently and to avoid losing them.

Switching between two accounts

Fortunately, Instagram has the option of switching between accounts. So in case you change your mind, you can always go to Settings > Select Account> Tap ‘Switch Account Type’>From the drop down menu, choose ‘Switch to Creator/Business Account’.

Both accounts offer detailed analytics and insights to let you know how your content is performing. This includes profile visits, website clicks, audience demographics, time of the day when your audience is most active, impressions and more.

So now you know which account to create according to your priorities. Your focus should be to create successful Instagram campaigns and eye-catching content that will increase your list of followers. This will help you in marketing strategy helping you to gain access to more features and will help you gain collaborations.