5 Must-Haves on Instagram for Small Sized Business

No matter what business you start venturing into, it was always word-of-mouth that was popular for effective marketing. Today, though the word of mouth works, small businesses now have immense opportunities in the digital world, and Instagram is one of them. Currently, it has one of the highest rankings and is popular for building an engaged following and building a future customer database. Instagram has become popular due to its strong visual focus and user-friendly approach. But how does Instagram work for small-based businesses? Let’s take a look at the 5 must-haves that you should consider when trying to promote your business on Instagram.

Use a short crisp name for your Instagram business account

 In a simple yet catchy way, let your followers know about you. Give a short and interesting name for your business along with a hashtag (a popular way to get followers).  Instagram gives you the option of creating a short bio that will let your followers know more about you and your brand. Do not forget to create a short summary that talks about your motive, the tagline, and other media handles such as Facebook and Snapchat. Impart necessary information to let the followers know more about you.

There is an instagram account by the name of Food Darzee – they offer fresh, healthy and customised food for you at your doorstep!

Suitable photo/logo and username that exemplifies what your brand is all about

After choosing a username, pick an Instagram handle that goes with your business name. If you find that some of these handles have been taken on Instagram, give a similar name while giving it underscores, numbers or characters just to be in tune with the username. Use an appropriate photo or a logo that in a glance lets the users know what the brand is all about. It could be an image, a logo, or your products.

Blue Tokai Coffee – a brand that lovingly hand roasts each batch of Arabica beans so that their customers can enjoy a cup of lovely brewed coffee.

Make it more visually appealing

No one will purchase the products by a mere description. You need to ensure that you click or shoot visually appealing photos or videos so that the user remains hooked on the products that he is seeing on your page. Ensure that there is only one image dominating the whole image and less clutter. This will draw the user’s attention and ensure that the images that you use on Instagram are of the highest quality and should have more light. Avoid shooting in the dark.

Instagram has awesome built-in filters to have more manual control over editing your images. Make use of the editing tools such as the color palette that Instagram provides to give your images a brighter and sharper look!

A perfect example for more visually appealing images @writefully_yours that has created a revolution in the world of gifting through quirky content and invigorating stationary.

Using Hashtags

At times, using hashtags can prove to be a bit tedious but they are the life-savers and actually help you to widen the spread when it comes to growing your brand. This is one of the primary features of Instagram and helps in building a bank of followers for your brand. Ensure you use up to 20 to 30 relevant hashtags to help people discover your content. Then Instagram sorts out the posts and will show up to the followers who search for any such terms.

@Angel’s Kitchen by Angeline Joseph is a home-based bakery and kitchen and is perfect option to order artsy cakes with delicious flavours and eye-popping colors!

Finding Influencers

One of the best ways to market your products is by following the popular Instagram influencers with a large following and they can manage to divert their followers towards your brand. There are influencers for every niche, be it food, fashion, or beauty. Follow these influencers and build a great rapport with them and a brand mention from their end can give your product a huge boost!

@Wowthings is one such awesome brand that has a tagline that says, ‘things nahin, feelings hain’ – they have awesome home décor that gives your home a modernistic and elegant look!

You have to maintain consistency and have an engaging content, if you are looking to build your business through Instagram. And there is no harm in trying out this option to know what will best work for your brand.

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