Understanding Social Networks:

In order to understand what types of social networks exist on the Internet, it’s important to look at all aspects of how people interact with each other online. The last two years have seen social networking grow from a mere socail networking to a great place for advertsiers to strut their stuff.

For an indian, when we think of  the term “social networking,” the first thing that comes to mind are the two largest and most popular social networks on the Internet today, Orkut and  Facebook. These are certainly excellent examples of one type of social network, they do not represent the entire range of communities that exist on the web today. In fact, when you consider the many ways that the web is now integrated into your everyday life, the scope of the term “social networking” becomes more apparent.

We use the Internet to conduct many mundane tasks from searching for an address to a complex task of ordering an aircraft engine to research financial, family, and other personal decisions

  • We network with business associates and clients
  • Some of us attend virtual classes to obtain online degrees or certifications
  • Connect with other hobbyists who share your passion for the same interests and activities on communiites
  • Conduct scientific or academic collaboration and research activites
  • Accumulate and spread news or rumor across the global community

So, what types of social networks exist on the web today? The answer is limited only by one’s own imagination. Given the constant evolution of the online world, it would be difficult to place a limit on how many types of social networks exist. For example, barely a year ago, no one had ever heard of a “microblogging” community such as Twitter. Today, it’s becoming a common household word. It a a very good example of word-of-mouth publicity because it was Ashton Kuthcer who made it famous by announcing his followers.

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