Social networking fundamentals in the present scenario:

Social networking was started on the premise that ‘like-minded’ people would come together to talk about a particular thing. So if you happen to just surf on the internet, you would be sure of knowing about social networking and how it helps everyone. It is quite transparent due to the nature of its platforms and its associated tools. If you hang yourself out on the internet far enough, your personality starts to show. Take Twitter for example. If you Tweet long enough, patterns start to form. Just like in grade school, high school and college and at your work. You start to see the personalities of the people that you “hang with” every day. This was the essence of social networking.

Here is the thing though. In this uber networked world we now live in. You really don’t want to be stereotyped. If you are one of those type of nerds and show it on your account, no one wants to work with those types of people, no one wants to hand with those types of people and no one certainly wants to hire that kind of person then it might cause you a lot of problem although you are not directly related to it.

It isn’t about trying to please everyone and it is not about being hard. You don’t have to. It’s about being real and being a realist. We are all scratching and clawing for the same things here.

We all want that people think of us with the highest respect and intellectual level. This nowadays though depends on the type of communities and friends we have in our friend list. The best case scenario would mean that our offline persona mirrors the online persona but this isn’t always possible. People may have different tastes offline and different online. It is like comparing apples with oranges.

In social media, it is easily decipherable about your persona without even seeing or meeting you in person. And if you have a special and unique community i.e. unique taste regarding a certain aspect, then you can expect fireworks.

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