Avignyata Inc. – Vision, Mission and our belief

Avignyata Inc: Creating omnipresence for brand

Avignyata Inc was incorporated in the year 2007 by Moksh Juneja and Daksh Juneja. It is our passion for social media and internet savvy attitude that we spotted an opportunity and decided to start up our venture – Social Media Marketing Consultancy.

Vision: To make social media marketing the part of the marketing budget

Mission: to create omnipresence for all brands through engagement on social media platforms

To make this vision and mission possible, we have made a roadmap. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Orkut, Linkedin among others are the easiest and cost effective of all forms of media to engage with the target audience. We have envisioned that with the increasing cost of print media, electronic media and the stratospheric levels to which advertising rates have reached on television that marketers will have to look at other areas for promotional purposes. Even the corporations who have deep pockets will be looking out low cost, high impact ideas, which we provide.

We specialse in social media optimization for the Indian sectors of Entertainment, Retail, FMCG, Consumer Technology,Television networks. We are thankful to the advent of economical computers, virtually everyone has a PC or laptop and with broadband connectivity on the rise, we believe that people will shop online more.

Through social media marketing and optimization, we want to give our customers – Reputation and Build Awareness for their respective brands and corporates. In the following posts, we will unveil our plans and the means of achieving this endeavour of ours through various techniques. Hoping to have the consturctive knowledge platform for all you social media enthusiasts.

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