16 Trendy Instagram Story Ideas to Boost Engagement

Trendy Instagram Story Ideas 

Instagram Stories provides a dynamic platform for connecting with your audience and keeping them engaged. To help you create captivating and informative content, here are 16 Instagram story ideas for 2023 that will enhance your engagement and drive meaningful interactions. Let’s explore these ideas further:

  • Create This or That:

Invite your audience to make choices between two options, such as different fashion styles or home decor preferences. This interactive format encourages engagement and allows you to gain insights into their preferences.

This or That Instagram Story

  • Share a Blog Post:

Utilize the power of Instagram Stories to promote your latest blog post. Share a visually appealing image or a compelling snippet from the article, and include a swipe-up link to direct your audience to the full content on your website.

  • Promote Your Discount:

Boost sales and generate excitement by offering exclusive discounts or promotions to your Instagram followers. Utilize eye-catching graphics and stickers to highlight your discount offer and encourage immediate action.

  • Emoji Slider:

Engage your audience by using the Emoji Slider feature to gather feedback or opinions on specific topics. This interactive tool allows your followers to express their sentiments and preferences using emojis, providing valuable insights.


  • Play with Letters:

Capture attention by experimenting with different fonts, colors, and letter arrangements. Create visually appealing designs that spell out words or phrases relevant to your brand or the current theme, making your content stand out.


  • Countdown to an Important Event:

Generate anticipation and build excitement by counting down to an upcoming event, product launch, or special occasion. Enhance the countdown with stickers or GIFs to create an engaging and visually pleasing experience for your audience.

Event Countdown

  • Q&A Session:

Host a Q&A session through Instagram Stories to interact directly with your audience. Encourage your followers to submit questions in advance or use the question sticker to facilitate an engaging conversation and provide valuable insights.

Q and A session

  • Run Polls:

Leverage interactive polls to encourage audience participation and gather feedback. Pose questions related to various topics, products, or trends to gauge your audience’s opinions and preferences.

  • Start a Quiz:

Create entertaining and educational quizzes to test your audience’s knowledge or determine their personality traits. Utilize the quiz sticker to make the experience interactive, and share the results to spark conversations.

  • Share Your Favorite Outfit:

Offer a glimpse into your personal style by showcasing your favorite outfit of the day. Tag the brands you’re wearing to provide fashion inspirations and potentially collaborate with other creators or brands.

  • Use AR Filters:

Experiment with augmented reality (AR) filters to create interactive and entertaining experiences for your audience. Encourage them to try on virtual accessories or immerse themselves in themed environments, fostering engagement and amusement.

  • Share Memes:

Inject humor into your Instagram Stories by sharing relatable memes. Memes are highly shareable and can help foster a lighthearted connection with your audience.

  • Collages:

Create visually appealing collages using images related to a specific theme or topic. Showcase different angles, products, or moments in a single collage, providing a comprehensive view of your subject matter.

  • Use Editing Tools:

Leverage the editing tools available on Instagram to enhance the visual quality of your photos and videos. Experiment with filters, stickers, text overlays, or drawing features to add a personal touch and make your content more engaging.

  • Post a Guide:

Educate and inspire your audience by sharing step-by-step guides or tutorials on topics relevant to your niche. Provide valuable information, tips, and insights that your audience can benefit from and apply to their own lives.

  • Customized Hashtags:

Develop unique and catchy hashtags that align with your brand or campaign. Encourage your audience to use these hashtags in their posts for a chance to be featured on your account, fostering community engagement and user-generated content.

By incorporating these 16 informative Instagram story ideas into your content strategy, you can create engaging and valuable experiences for your audience. Experiment with different formats, be creative and enjoy the process of connecting with your followers. Remember, Instagram Stories offer an excellent opportunity to educate, entertain, and foster meaningful interactions with your audience. Happy storytelling!