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Avignyata began with a mission to deliver the best domains at the best prices with the best service. This service includes the ability to search for available domain names, the ability to purchase a domain, and the ability to sell a domain. It can also include assistance with transferring ownership of a domain as well as providing guidance on the best domain names to purchase for a business. Having a desirable domain name can help to improve the visibility and credibility of a business online.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as a service is a service offered by us at Avignyata that provides a secure connection for websites to protect sensitive information such as personal data, login credentials, and credit card information. This service includes the installation and configuration of SSL certificates on a website, which activates the HTTPS protocol and displays a padlock icon in the browser, indicating a
secure connection. We also monitor and maintain the SSL certificate to ensure that it remains valid and up-to-date. Having an SSL certificate is essential for websites that handle sensitive information, and it also improves the ranking of the website on search engines.

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