Social Media

Every business needs a social media presence no matter how big or small business you run. If you run a small shop or a giant corporate organization, social media helps in building a brand and increase a brands’ visibility, through building a relationship and communicating with the customers. With, around three billion people around the world using social media, it is no passing trend.

Social media marketing

is a buzzword in today’s world. Do you want new customers to discover your services? Do you want to bring local shoppers in your shop? We, at Avignyata, understand the needs of every customer and help them draft a customised social media plan for businesses. Be it uploading quirky Instagram Stories or going live on Facebook, don’t think beyond us. It will be an understatement to say we aren’t among the best social media agency in Mumbai. They say that ‘Not all heroes wear capes’. Our social media team are the superheroes of the social media world.

Our social media heroes bring their superpowers in the forefront to boost the social media presence of businesses and help them grow quickly. By keeping your social media strategy specific, you can determine which social media platforms are the best fit for your business.