Owning a website, comes with its set of responsibilities. You can’t just create a website and just forget it. Basically, the need of the hour is regular website maintenance and providing website support for the website to run efficiently. Hackers don’t usually announce themselves when they are in search of their next target.

There might be a slight possibility that your system might be infected and you might be aware of it. In cases like these, setting up a regular maintenance support system will ensure that even if your website gets infected or have site errors, you can fix them quickly.

Most websites are built on a content management system, which means that it can be easily exploited. We use Wordpress for a variety of reasons, but one is it’s constantly being updated, improved and made more secure. Team Avignyata promises trust and unrequited commitment to our customers, with regards to the website’s maintenance and support needed for it to run smoothly. Cross our hearts and we’ll make sure your website isn’t down for even a millisecond.