Now here’s a category that’s gonna leave everyone shocked. But
the emergence of video content has been the topic of discussion
since years now. The world is consuming video content like
popcorn and everybody is trying to get a seat on this train.

Nowadays, content is about visual aids. That’s why video helps increase conversion for businesses working to get more interaction and potential buyers on the landing page itself.

Creating visual content is not just about the audience’s engagement. Video content
can have a powerful effect on the customer, and can even influence the consumer’s trust and the perception that the company he is dealing with is an authority in the respective field.

A big plus of designing engrossing video content on your landing pages is that you
are 53 times more likely to rank higher up in the search engines ranking if you have a video embedded on your webpage. Reason enough?

Get an engrossing video embedded on your landing page to get ranked higher up in the search engine rankings.