Social Media

Is a picture really worth 1000 words? Yes, if you have the right pictures. In today’s age, the average user has an attention span of merely 8 seconds, or sometimes, probably even lesser than that. As a result, images have become more important than ever.

A large part of the brain is focussed on visual processing, allowing humans to process images at an incredible speed. When people hear information, they are likely to remember 10-20%, but when the same information is paired with a visual image, the same user can retain about 70% of the information. Simply put, your content with relevant( relevant is the key word here) social media images has more chances of clicking with your target audience.

Avignyata Inc recognises this fact. Hence, we boast of an excellent in-house social media designing team that is capable of creating visual content that is engaging and gets a big thumbs up from the users.